How to identify real & fake cashmere?

How to identify real & fake cashmere?

Microscope method

It is the most scientific method in the world.The flake thickness of a fiber

is larger than 0.55 microns, should be recognized as wool; the fiber flake

thickness of cashmere should be less than 0.55 micron.

However, we also could test quality of pure cashmere by below basic methods

Combustion method: both pure cashmere and wool cashmere blended, which
is bad smell after burning.So this way is only workable for identifying the fake
cashmere mixture of polyester or acrylic, for which become solid lump after burning.
not the powder.

Weight measurement method:  pure cashmere fiber is most fine fiber in the world,

hollow core, like a tube with full of air interior. So pure cashmere is very light and

warm.  The common weight of basic style for woman (Europe size) is around

200-250G. For men's sweater around 250 G -300G.  12GG.

The cost analysis method:  the year output of cashmere fleece per goat is only

around 50G -80G. Cashmere raw material is calculated by gram weight. You can

image cost of one cashmere sweater around 200-250g .that is easily find cost of

raw cashmere material.

Quality and price of commodities are relative, as the saying well goes,

"Cheap is dear, and dear is cheap".


Hand feeling method:  the outer flake of cashmere fiber is very smoothly and small,

so the real & pure cashmere is with most natural soft silky feeling comparing with other

fiber in the world! So many brands develop cashmere products line for baby and infants.

but recently, fake cashmere product is with same or even better silky feeling through

sprinkle talcum powder; usually mix with some sheep hair, rabbit hair. Not pure cashmere

at all, so you better measure weight as well!


If people never buy unreasonable cheap cashmere products then fake cashmere and

other fake products may be never existed, right?