How small cashmere and silk sellers concentrate marketing success

How small cashmere and silk sellers concentrate marketing success

Welcome to join us to grow rich together if you are small sellers for cashmere&silk

products or anybody who is interest in promoting silk & cashmere products.

nobody could make success without a wonderful team!

If Mr. Donald Trump could invited Mr. Jack Ma CEO of Alibaba from China to support

small business owners of American then we should know the truth

“Money is stateless “

So why not join us to build global team together?

Whatever Mr. Donald Trump &Mr. Jack Ma only help those who help themselves!

It is well known the cost of E-commerce (Digital marketing) is becoming more and
higher and cannot be afforded by small business owners.

Specially, the operating cost of SEO SNS promotion. Basically, you have to budget

million even more.

What benefits you will get after becoming one of our global distributors or partners?

1)for those sellers never involve in E-commerce ,we will provide a available online

shop for unique silk & cashmere style  .you could revise decoration with your own

style and local language and local payment, free products pictures package support.

2) Supporting from qualify manufactory group with many years experience of making

silk or cashmere for TOP 10 famous global brand ,fairly strict of quality control. free

sample testing (conditional offer)

3) To share SEO SNS promotion cost together.

4) To share Small MOQ pr-order Qty base on available styles.

5) To promote your own Brand in global market.

6) To support develop in China Market as well.  

7) Stock channel for resell your balance clearance.

8) OEM order is also well proceed well organize production, inspector, delivery …

secrecy agreement guarantee

Natural silk and cashmere raw material is originate in China since thousands year
ago .two of top quality material which Nature present for human!

What we are building global platform for silk and cashmere via E-commerce Base

on best resource of cashmere and silk.